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For those of you who have been following my blog, THANK YOU, I'm still here and as FRUGAL as ever. I'm just expanding my blog title to further reflect my "altered" muse. I'm still the same (sometimes goofy) FRUGAL SCRAPPER that I've always been and will continue to focus on FRUGAL papercrafting projects:)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

ChA: T!m's in the houzzzzz:)

Hello fellow Bloggers:)  I know that those of you who know me, know that I'm a HUGE T!m Holtz fan!  Some may even say I'm a T!m Stalker (well not really, lol)...I just want to take all of the creativity he has in his head and transfer it into mine!

I am at winter CHA with Ever After Scrapbooks and attended the Craftmania sessions sponsored by Crafter's Home...AND...was sooooo happy to find that T!m was going to be one of our presenters!  Can you say WHOO HOO!!!  He was an AWESOME presenter and I was VERY happy to find out that T!m was coming out with his own lines of paper!  (I had not seen hes blog post about it up to this point).

Of course, I did get a pic with T!m and Camille (Ever After's owner).  Again, can I hear a WHOO HOO!

So CHA offically starts tomorrow and I fixed the "bug" in my computer that would not allow me to post pictures this morning.  With that begin said,  I decided to leave you with some pic's of T!m's new paper lines:)  More news to follow:)

Adiós, mis amigos (o.k., I start classes again on Tuesday and need to brush up on my español.

Hasta Luego:)

Your Friendly Frugal Scrapper Extraordinaire (need to learn to say this in spanish).

P.S.  I'm posting this after being on my feet most of the day doint mnt's, working the show floor and attending pre-show  vendor events....sheesh, this girl is TIRED:)  If you find typos, leave me a comment, so I can fix them, lol...

Thursday, January 21, 2010

CHA, here I come:)

Wow!!!!  This month if FLYING by!  I've been traveling, working, and surfin' the web to get ready for CHA {twenty-ten}!

Whoo hoo, I leave today to attend the Crafter's Home sessions and Craft Mania.  Then on to helping at the CHA Supershow, working with Ever After Scrapbooks.  Sunday we start walking the CHA floor lookin' for all those goodies we just can't wait to get into our hands:)

So far my favorites are 7Gypsies, Teresa Collins, and T!m Holtz (of course, lol)...get on over to their blogs and check things out!

7Gypsies Blog
T!m Holtz Blog
Teresa Collins Blog

Sorry about the short frugal scrappin' ideas today:(  BUT...stop back for some AWESOME CHA pics over the next few days!

Whoo Hoo!!!!!!

Let me know your favorites and I'll try to post a pic for you:)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Makin' those T!m Tags at Ever After:)

Happy New Year, Bloggers!  I just LOVE the freshness of this time of many POSSIBILITIES!  Before I start wandering off into what will be a most AWESOME New Year, I wanted to share some final pics from 2009...

On December 18th, I held a little tag making marathon at Ever After Scrapbooks in Vista, CA.  Since TIm Holtz was offering such a WONDERFUL incentive for all of us to complete ALL 12 of T!m's "12 Tags of Christmas" what better way to get 'em done than to hold a Tag Making Marathon?  Trust me, by the end of the night, we were inked, painted, stickled, and glued.....but MOST OF ALL, we were SMILIN' from ear to ear to celebrate all we accomplished!

I wanted to share a few pic's with all of you and to THANK T!m AGAIN for such awesome inspiration!

Alex and Cindy did a great job on their tags!  Alex even helped me make the samples on a few of them.  THANKS, Alex!

There was alot of cutting, and glueing and painting and distressing and.....well LOTS of FUN stuff goin' on:)
Sherry, Alex, me, and Alice showing off our awesome tags!  What a great time had by all!

I caught Sue as she "multi tasked"...talking on the phone while tag making...YOU GO, GIRL:) the grungeboard flowers that EVERYONE was SO HAPPY to make were "just" a bit hard to do at midnight...I thought we'd save the BEST for last, but then realized our PATIENCE may not have lasted well into the wee hours:)  In any event, Dana was just THRILLED with her creation!  AND everyone's "roses" turned out just beautiful!

Thanks so much ladies for an AWESOME time at EA!


Scrappingly yours,

Lori McCausland, Frugal Scrapper Extraordinaire:)