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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Faux Metal Embellishments

I was inspired by a post I saw over at the Counterfeit Kit Challenge Blog where there were links to tutorials on how to make faux metal embellishments.

Now, I know that my "take" on it doesn't "really" qualify as "faux metal", but it's DEFINITELY a frugal approach to the ready made metal embellishments we all know and love:)

You really need to visit the Counterfeit Kit Challenge Blog and try their techniques for accomplishing great faux metal results.

In addition, feel free to try my idea:)  For those of you who have followed my blog for a while, you may have seen me use this technique before.  On this post, I want to offer you another tutorial on how to make your own "faux" metal embellishments.

All you need to start with is a few basic items:
  • A die cut (the shapes that are often metal work best)
  • Chipboard
  • Xyron create-a-sticker machine (size depends on the size of your diecut)
  • Aluminum foil
For this demonstration, I'll use a few different methods that will give varying results.

For this first diecut, I made sure my piece of aluminum foil was no wider than the width of my xyron (in this case 1 1/2 inches)...remember for this to work properly, your diecut must be less than this width, too.

Once the aluminum foil is run through the xyron, gently pull it away from the waxy paper and apply it to a piece of chipboard that was cut just a bit bigger than the resulting die cut.

Next you just run it through your diecutting system and your done!  There are a few variations you can also use to get slightly different results. I've shown three different results below.

One was run through with a smooth finish on the foil.

One was run through the xyron using a piece of foil wider than the Xyron opening.  As the foil funneled in to the opening of the Xyron, it crinkled, thereby resulting in a crinkled diecut.  This is especially cool when working on Halloween projects.

The last one was run through smooth and then run though an embossing folder.

Bonus ideas:
  • You can use the "insides" of the keyholes as photocorners.  Just pierce a hole in the round part and attach with a brad.
  • You can use alcohol inks on your embellishments to change the color since aluminum foil is a non-porous surface.
  • You can sand the tops (be gentle because the foil is thin) and then you can use distress inks on them to age them.
  • You can add stickles, distress stickles, etc.



Shelley said...

Wow! I love this idea. Thanks for sharing.

Mad for Paper said...

Great tips. I like all three looks.

Counterfeit Kit Challenge said...

I've not seen this technique before...very cool! I'll have to try it!

Counterfeit Kit Challenge

A Creative Operation said...

I sooooooo have to try this!

Margie said...

Thanks for sharing your technique! I can't wait to try the wrinkled look!

Counterfeit Kit Challenge said...

oh...I love this variation of the tutorial...they look like metal!!! Awesome :) I didn't include these in my own kit, but I'm going to have to try them.