Frugal Scrapper Extraordinaire:)

For those of you who have been following my blog, THANK YOU, I'm still here and as FRUGAL as ever. I'm just expanding my blog title to further reflect my "altered" muse. I'm still the same (sometimes goofy) FRUGAL SCRAPPER that I've always been and will continue to focus on FRUGAL papercrafting projects:)

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Just chillin' and creatin' today:)

Well, although I had a WONDERFUL time this last week playing along with some AWESOME challenges, I decided that I needed a break today, lol...

I really LOVE the inspiration that challenge sites give me, but sometimes Ijust want to "set my creativity free" and create for the sake of creatin'.

I spoiled myself and bought a few NEW sheets of patterned paper yesterday (hey, don't tell anyone, ya here?) it turns out, when I looked at the details on the sheets of paper so I could give kudos to the paper companies, I found that a few of the sheets I bought aren't that new after all...BUT they are STILL new to me!

Still workin' on my vintag-y style, lol...I did buy some patterned paper that I thought felt vintag-Y to me...I thought maybe they would help bring out the "inner vintage" in me:)

Now, ya know I just LOVE a lucious piece of G45 paper...and the "Once Upon a Time" line is just to die for!!!!!...well not really, but in those "Once Upon a Time" stories, the PRINCESS always survives, right?

So then I added a piece from Foof-a-la (I have to be honest and say I've never heard of this paper, but since I do like the paper I bought, I'll have to look them up).

Then I added some things from my stash, like the gold pearls, a REALLY OLD sizzix diecut, and a scrap that quickly became a rolled flower (instructions that I found can be viewed here on Irene Tan's blog).

And what about this close-up of this Christmas tree?  This TOTALLY reminds me of the cut-out sugar cookies I used to make.  Since I glued the paper over corregated cardboard before diecutting the shape, I got some really good dimension on this tree.  Adding a bit of distress ink helped make it look even better.  When I added the finishing touch of the beading, it really reminded me of those little confection balls we used to add to our of the things I remember most is that they always rolled all around and more ended up OFF of the cookies than stayed ON, lol.


Lori M, FSE:)

Saturday, November 27, 2010

I made it! 365 Cards Day 272!

Whew!  I made it!  I finished an ENTIRE week of challenges over at 365 Cards.  Whoo Hoo!  I have to say, I've had alot of fun this week AND have challenged myself to work "outside of MY box", creatively speaking...and ya know what????  I LOVED it!

Now, today's card was a bit more of a challenge than I thought it would time was a bit limited today.  I started at 6 a.m...had to get the ole MOJO going with a "cup of JOE"...then I started putting all of my recipe items together...

Paper piercing...check.
Die Cuts...check.
5 x 5 card...check.
Stick pin...check.
Dimensional Sticker...check.

Whew...even though I did officially "finish" this card, I found I was so worried about trying to fit everything in that I realized I didn't really make a great piece of ART.  It was kinda like I used the same canvas and randomly made sure each element was included, but without the normal flow I like to use...

BUT...I DID finish!

Do I think this is my best creation?...NO. Is it vintag-y?...YES (at least somewhat).  Did I get all of the elements in?...YES.  I'd love to try a project like this again, and with experience doing a challenge like this, I just KNOW, I could eventually...create a masterpiece:)

Thanks again, 365 Cards, for all the fun!


Lori M. FSE:)

Friday, November 26, 2010

365 Cards Day 271 AND Crop Stop Monthly Card Sketch:)

Wow!  I've been workin' overtime tryin' to STRETCH myself and CREATE cards with a more VINTAG-Y feel.  I defininitely think I"m getting there (with a little help from my friends over at 365 Cards, of course).

When I woke up this mornin' and found that today's card challenge is vintage + lace, I thought....Whoo hoo!  I just made a card with lace and was gettin' ready to post it this morning...and GUESS WHAT??????


A dear friend gave me a bag of scraps a while back and when I went through it I found a few "vintage" fotos in the bag.  I decided to use one of them for this project!

As you probably know, I also LOVE inspirational quotes, and found this quote below (also in this bag).  I'd like to think I'm a WISE mother, and definitely gave my kids roots...the wings to fly part, you ask????  I'm still workin' on that, lol....I've been know to say to them "Fly Babies, Fly"...and it worked on my oldest, my wonderful "middle child" keeps circlin' around and coming back to the "nest" youngest?...she just tells me "but Mom, it's SCARY out there", lol...

Honestly, though, I'm very proud of ALL of my kids!

Oh, and for those of you who are wonderin', no this isn't a foto of me, nor is it anyone I friend (the one who gave me the bag of "goodness (scraps)") just LOVES to go to swap meets and probably found them in the bottom of a box:)

Well, I've got my ENTIRE recipe for tomorrow's card over at 365 Cards, so I have work to do:)  AFTER, of course, I go to WORK today:(

Thursday, November 25, 2010

365 Cards Day 270 and a Happy Thanksgiving to ALL:)

So, it's Thanksgiving morning and I'm relaxing in my crafting room before our Thanksgiving dinner.  I have to say, there are SO MANY things I'm THANKFUL for today and EVERY DAY, but the 1 thing that comes to MIND today is my DEAR HUBBY.  I am SO THANKFUL for him!  He is a GREAT cook and has ALREADY started the preparation for today's FAMILY dinner!

The Christmas tree is UP, and ready to be decorated by our 3 grandsons...I'm cutting strips of paper so we can make a PAPER CHAIN that is quickly becoming one of the staples on my Christmas tree:)  I can't wait for the GRANDKIDS to come for a visit!

I've completed my card for the 365 Cards challenge, but have realized that while I'm challenging myself with the daily challenge, I'm forgetting that VINTAGE is also the name of the game this week.  While I won't win any awards for following directions, lol...I'm hoping I can award myself for actually FINISHING something.  You see, I always have great ambitions, but rarely have the time to actually follow progressive challenges to the end.

Because 365 Cards has such AMAZINGLY talented DTer's, though, it's VERY EASY be be inspired to play along.  Thanks, 365 Cards for another GREAT challenge today!

Today's challenge is hosted by Hannah and her twist is to use a dimensional sticker on your card.  Now, I normally do NOT use stickers (not because I don't like's because I prefer to "create" my own)...Like all of us, though, I DO have a stash of stickers AND have some that are dimensional so rummaged through my stash until I found something that matched the paper I had already decided to use (from my "scrap pile", mind you...heehee).  So I used some popped up stickers from Sandylion that I've had for at least a few years...again, thanks for the opportunity to put these to good use.

Here's what I came up with:

Now, if you've been following the challenge all week, you will notice that I copied a quote that Kim soon as I saw it, I knew it was one of those quotes that "speaks to me"...A new WORD document and a couple of text boxes later, I've got my quote for this card.

Whoo hoo!  I just love it when I can "homemake" my card sentiments:)


Have a VERY BLESSED Thanksgiving Holiday and BE SAFE:)

Lori M, FSE:)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

365 Cards Day 268

O.k....I'm FINALLY caught up with this week's challenges over at 365 Cards.  Whoo hoo!!!!

Here is the card for day 268.  The challenge was to use at least one stamp on your card...well, of course I went just a tee bit overboard...I used one of my favorite TH Stampers Anonymous stamps and stamped in Pumice Stone, Shabby Shutters and Tumbled Glass.

I thought the stamp AND the ink colors went really well with guessed it!  Another scrap from my stash:)

I added one of the TH coins AND a studio 490 stamp, some SEI ribbon from my stash and a few TH brads.  These are some of my favorite colors to work with so this was very relaxing to make:)

One other thing I REALLY have to tell you that I keep forgetting...first a question...Can you TELL that my FOTOS are much BETTER lately????  I know that's a LOADED question, no need to answer:)  I went to the Photo Expo in Del Mar a few weeks ago and bought my very first Christmas gift...FOR ME, lol...I bought a Tamaron lens that is AMAZING!  Wait til you see the close-up of one of the photos in this set of fotos.  I'll just say WOW!  It's a 60 mm lens 1:1 (like I really know what that means, lol)...but I'm learnin'!

O.k., now on to the fotos:

Hmmmmm....the direction of my dreams....well that would be to become a FAMOUS the altered art/mixed media, how KEWL would that be?

Now for the close-up...I was able to actually hold the card at arm's length with one hand and take this foto with the other hand.  Whoo hoo!!!!  The ONLY problem with this lens you might ask?????  It's sooooo sharp, I may not want to see fotos of myself with this about emphasis on my "wrinkles"...hee hee...yeah, I have 'em:)

200th Post and a 365 Card Challenge, whoo hoo!

Wow, I can't believe this is my 200th post!  How cool is that?  I just LOVE my BLOG:)  Now, I've been blogging for a little over 2 years now, and I'm sure some of you out in blog land have MANY more than 200 posts in that much time, but for me this is TRULY a see, I tend to jump in with BOTH FEET when I get into a new interest....then when the novelty wears off, I peder out....

I do have to say, I've had a few "breaks" in my blogging over the last 2 years (when my "other" life has gotten the best of me, lol), but I'm really PROUD of ME for sticking with this AMAZING hobby!

Thanks to all of you who have been following (and a few of know who you are...that have been "lurking" along the way....Hey, I have an idea:)....wouldn't it be REALLY KEWL to have 200 followers, too?  Since I'm not an OVERLY TECHY person...I'm not sure how to combine my fb followers and the blogger followers...It appears as though I have almost 100 followers between the two but I'm sure some are may be a bit harder to really know how many followers there are...hmmmmmmm...well I'm going to start working on a goal to increase interest in my lil ol' blog.  Any ideas are greatly appreciated:)  I want to do something I'll have to put on my thinking cap...I can smell the "wood" burnin' already, heehee.

O.k., 'nough of that, I need to get to my project for 365 Cards...of course there is TONS of inspiration out there, and this was no exception.  I do have to say that I liked the sample so much that I simply "copied" it (well, the sketch anyway).  Here's my project:

I think by now, you all probably know that I just LOVE inspirational quotes...I know this one is by no means original, but ya know...sometimes ya just have to go back to the simple things...those things ya REALLY KNOW, but still FORGET to DO!...I'm just sayin'....

In true frugal scrappin' style, I'm still forcing myself to use "just the scraps, ma'am"...Here I found some REALLY OLD Rusty Pickle paper, some Cloud Nine Designs paper, as well as some that I have NO IDEA who's it is because the nice strips on the edge of the paper are missing.  I added some ribbon I've had for YEARS and some roses I picked up a the Fabric Barn in Long Beach.

Thanks, 365 Cards for giving me yet another inspirational project to create from.


Lori, FSE:)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Vintage, it is:)

Well, I decided I just couldn't let this vintag-y thing go, so I decided to give it another shot and try...again, make a vintag-y card.

I ACTUALLY didn't EVEN distress the edges of my paper!  AND, I made my FIRST (of many, I'm sure) 5 x 5 card!...well, I actually think I DID make one other 5 x 5 card (with an Easter theme last year) so, officially this is my second.

I'm sure you're all going to laugh, but the thing I like about sqare cards is that they are like "little" scrapbook pages:)  I was thinking I could probably whip out one of my sketch books and use it as inspiration for a card...kinda one of those "I shoulda had a V8" I said, you're probably laughing right now because I didn't realize that....sometimes my frugal scrappin' mind has to circle around ideas for a while before they sink in (kinda like the way the plane circles around the Philadelphia airport every time I go there)...round and round it goes, when it stops, nobody knows...

O.k., on to my card...I kinda repeated Gloria's challenge over at 365 Cards, using a hat pin (or 2, hee hee) and I have to say, I like this card MUCH better than the I LOVE my T!m stuff, but sometimes a girl has to branch out, ya know?

I'm stickin' with my "scraps" challenge though...I used a piece of SEI paper, a piece of Cosmo Cricket paper, and other stuff from my stash to make this AWESOMELY inspiring card:)

I love the papers on this card.  The reason they feel vintag-y to me is that I can see the wallpaper in my grandmother's home now....from when I was little...maybe not as bright, but definitely with the same patterns.

I've seen "rolled" roses recently but have never tried to make one myself.  My frugal scrappin' partner, Karen, is using this technique in our upcoming frugal scrappin' class in December, so I thought I better give it a I can't tell you how I made it (although I'm sure most of you have done these already), but if you want to learn, come on over to our Frugal Scrappin' class on December 9th at Ever After Scrapbooks and we'll show ya.

And in the true fashion I just learned from Melody and Gloria, I've finished the inside of the card.  Thanks to you both for being such an inspiration to me!

Hmmmmm.... I wonder if I can replace my 365 card entry from day 267 with this one...awwwww, I'll just let it be:)


Monday, November 22, 2010

365 Cards Day 267 AND Studio L3 CCC #23

Whew...two challenges that I REALLY wanted to participate in are complete...and I found out a few things about see, I THOUGHT my style was vintag-y...the operative word is THOUGHT, lol...but when I TRIED, REALLY TRIED to do a vintag-y card, I found myself VERY inTIMidated, lol! 

Now, that doesn't happen often, ya know...I do have to say that I am normally a very HUMBLE person, but inTIMidated????....uhhhhh...not usually, lol....LONG STORY-SHORT...apparently, my STYLE is NOT vintag-Y at all!  GRUNG-Y, yes, but vintag-Y, not so MUCH.

I'm gonna show you my card, but don't laugh, now, ya hear?  I know it's a STRETCH, but maybe...just MAYBE if you squint and turn your head this way and'll see just a wee bit of vintage in this card:)

I do think I followed the rules about only using my card for the 365 Cards AND only 1 other challenge:)...and using a pin on my card, so it's just the "vintag-y" part that may be a bit of a stretch, lol...

They(365 Cards) are having an AWESOME blog hop this week with a really cool grand finale's a progressive recipe challenge and is proving to be alot of fun!  You travel from blog to blog and collect "recipe" items that will then be used on the last day (this Saturday) as the recipe to make Saturday's card.  Cool, huh?  Now there are some other rules you'll need to follow, so visit here and get started:)

I am enJOYing my time to play along with challenges, but have also found that it's TOO HARD for me to incorporate more than one challenge into one you know I saw a card this morning (wish I could remember where because it was REALLY cute...and there must have been a list of 10 or more challenges that one card was going to be entered in....gee wiz...I would have never finished even that one card!  Too much pressure for me:)

Oh, so for the second challenge...this one was very EASY for's for the Studio L3 challenge where we are turning to page 40 in our Compendium of Curiosities book and working on the double distress technique.

What fun this was!  Thanks again Linda:)  You ROCK, girl!

The colors of distress ink I used were:
  • Victorian Rose (see I really DID try to do vintag-y)
  • Stormy Sky
  • Old Paper (see, see, I really did try, lol)
  • Frayed Burlap (y'all)
Now, ya know I can't tell ya how to do this lips are sealed, you're gonna just have to buy the's worth it!


Lori, FSE:)

Simon Says Stamp Challenge-Sparkle!

I've been "lurking" on the Simon Says Stamp challenge site for a while now, and have finally had the opportunity to play along.  Since this is the first challenge I'm participating in, it's a bit intimidating, for sure...all those entries and the challenge...Sparkle...what does that mean?  The DT samples are AMAZING and I've seen some pearls and some rhinestones on the cards...I also noticed that they are all square cards.  I have noticed that many cards are square these days, so I must just be behind the times (which is normal for me, lol)...I didn't have my first microwave until well into the 1990's, lol.

Hmmmmm...I must not have been a good lurker if I still have questions...well, I'm gonna give it a go with my first card in the Sparkle category:)

Still going with my own challenge of the day, to use just scraps...I found parts to an old TNT kit from a challenge group at Ever After Scrapbooks.  It's probably a year or two old, but I still like these papers.  I decided to stay with a masculine theme, but also challenge myself to make a "romantic" card.

The sparkle on this card is black rhinstones and perfect pearls spray.  Perfect Pearls spray is normally hard to see in photos, but I think the close-up below does a good job of showing it off.

I thought this #'s stamp was perfect for what I was trying to achieve...since it's a "love" card, I thought the inside would say something like "let me COUNT the ways"...


Lori, FSE:)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

365 Cards challenge:)

As you can probably tell based on my posts today, this was a great day for challenges for me:)  It's been way too long since I've spent an ENTIRE day to myself, just creating and having a MOST WONDERFUL time! 

Shall I dare to admit that I'm still in my "jammies" even though it's 4:40 p.m. and I've been up since 5:30 a.m.?...too late I already "dared", lol.  Well, this MAY just BE my last post TODAY...and it's one that I'm MOST proud to POST...

The challenge over at 365 cards begins with a sketch...then sweet Gloria shared some lucious G45 with the design team members so we'll get all that G45 goodness all week, whoo hoo!...sooooo with my li'l ole challenge I gave myself just use scraps...I I even HAVE any G45 scraps to PLAY with?

Then I come across 1...just one scrap piece of G45 that is actually a halloween sheet, and the ole brain starts churnin'....then I think...hmmmm...Gloria and I just had a conversation yesterday about one of T!m's new dies that she JUST wasn't sure she NEEDED...and I look at my G45 sheet and think, HEY this kinda looks like that film strip die (ya know, the one Gloria doesn't think she needs, lol) least until she sees what I have done with it, ROFL...ya know Gloria and I have been "known" to ENABLE each other a bit, hee hee...

So enough ramblin''s my take on the 365 Cards Sunday sketch...oh, I guess I should show you the sketch first...

I really had fun making this card!  I decided since I only had one sheet of scrap G45 paper...and it was Halloween was going to be a REAL stretch to turn it in to something feminine like the lovely samples on the 365 Cards blog.

So instead, I whipped out my new T!m filmstrip die (and yes, I have to admit FINALLY took it out of the see when I bought these sizzlets dies, I forgot that I didn't have the extended block for my bigshot)...but Ellison warehouse sale came to the rescue, lol....o.k., another confession, I also FINALLY opened the metal gears AND the clock more hoarding T!m's things now....

So here's my "take" on the sketch...when I saw the filmstrip die...and thought about my relationship with my hubby of 30+ years, I thought....hey we could make a romantic comedy, lol...(for anyone who knows us, it would be loosely based on the "Odd Couple"...and I'm sure you know who would play "Felix" and who would play "Oscar", lol...)  Feel free to leave me a comment with your guess, if you dare:)


I painted my metal parts with a copper paint dabber and then once dry, sanded it off.  It stands out most on the clock.  I also ran the paint dabber around the outside of the card base.  I ran black cardstock through the big shot with the filmstrip die then used the inserts in the dies to cut out pieces from cream paper to insert in the filmstrip.

At the last minute, I decided to add another piece of the discarded film strip to place on the other side of the card so it looked more like a "latch" of sorts (to kind of go better with the "purse" theme of the sketch).


Lori, FSE:)

Card Patterns Sketch 91:)

What a HAPPY Frugal Scrapper I am today...went to the Ellison Warehouse sale yesterday with some really great friends, bought some sizzix dies at REALLY great prices, and today?...I'm craftin' and havin' fun with my new TOYS....and some great inspiration, too!  I haven't "played" along with Card WAY TOO LONG!  I was inspired by this week's sketch and couldn't wait to play along!  Thanks, Card Patterns!

 Shown above is Sketch 91.  If you have a moment, go visit them to see the samples they have posted from their creative team...very INSPIRING, in deed!

I had alot of fun creating my version of the sketch challenge.  In addition to playing along, I have also given myself my own challenge...use ONLY SCRAPS to make cards today...well, I do have to admit that the card bases are from whole sheets of 8 1/2 x 11 cardstock, but the rest REALLY IS scraps!

Don't ya just love that viny leafy die?  That's one that I just bought yesterday for a whole....get a load of this...$5!...brand new...still in the package...just callin' my name, lol...

I also used one of T!m's new dies, the rosette.  And guess what????  It was a bit bigger than I wanted it to be, so....I just trimmed about a 1/4 inch off of the straight edge (opposite the scalloped edge) and voila!  A smaller diameter of the still ever so amazing rosette.  I'm tellin' ya...if you don't have this rosette die yet, you're REALLY missin' out!

 Oh, did I tell you I'm a good "listener", too?  Well, not always, but this time I listed to my friend Gloria (an amazing paper crafter) from the Scraps of Life blog who learned from another friend of ours, Melody (another AMAZING paper crafter) the importance of decorating the inside of your card.  THANKS, LADIES!

Actually, a long, long time ago...I used to decorate the insides of my cards...but then I got lazy, I guess, lol...anyway, I agree with those two EXTREMELY TALENTED ladies that it DEFINITELY makes a difference in your project when you finish off the inside of the card.

Here is a take on the inside of my card for this sketch:)


O.k....BACK TO PLAYIN' NOW!  I hope you get to PLAY today, too:)

Lori, FSE:)

O.k...I'm on a roll today:)

Third time's the CHARM, right?  Well I just have to report that I have a VERY CHARMING friend visiting with me today.  His name is Felix and he arrived last night via the US Post Office, all cozy in a bubble wrap package.  He's come fresh from Kenai, Alaska where he had a BLAST going to school and 4 wheelin' in two feet of snow!  Sorry, Felix, no snow here:(

Felix wanted to pack his swimsuit for the usual sunny southern California weather, but alas, he needs a raincoat today:)

Felix is traveling aroung the US, journaling his travels as part of a project that my nephew, Blake is participating in.  Blake has been out to visit me from Pennsylvania many times, so I'm sure he knows how much fun Felix will have while he is visiting.

Since I'm working on blogging and creating on this rare rainy day, I thought I'd have Felix help me out.  He even made his way into one of my pictures.

I'll try REALLY HARD to NOT get glitter all over Felix's paws, o.k. Blake?  I'm looking forward to having lots of fun with Felix while he's visiting.  I'm sure you'll see him again soon?)


Lori, FSE:)

Frugal Scrappin' Announcements and fun pics of November class!

As I try to get caught up on my creating this weekend, I can see that I will be posting multiple messages today, so thanks for stopping by:)


For the month December, Frugal Scrappin' will be moving up a few weeks to December 9th.  The class will still be held from 6:30-8:30 and as always will include some AWESOME projects so come one, come all and have a scrappingly great time!

Karen, my ever so talented sidekick will be leading the December class and has designed an AMAZING project!  In true Frugal Scrappin' style, this class will be filled with fun techniques using lots of T!m's products.

Here are the samples of what will be completed in our December will NOT be choosing between these two lovely get to do BOTH!  Talk about a FRUGAL bargain!...AND still for the Frugal price of just $15!

These two projects are just BEAUTIFUL!  Karen will be showing you how to use some of her favorite T!m dies to create these amazing projects!  You'll be inkin' and sticklin' and creatin' and will leave with BOTH of these projects!

Don't miss out!  These classes sell out almost EVERY month, so sign up now by calling Ever After Scrapbooks at 760-630-CROP (2767).  Class size limit is 15 students (so we can give you the time and attention you deserve:).


We completed our 3 month series where we created a BEAUTIFUL canvas project using various techniques, all using T!m's products.

Since Gloria and Jacquie dressed for the occasion (matching my display board), they agreed to be the models for this photo.  Thanks Gloria and Jacquie!

 Here we have Holly working on her project.  Everyone had such a great time, and came up with their own twist on each ATC.  I just LOVE it when my students take their creativity to a level beyond the sample.  Kudos to you all!
 Here we have our very own Chris who beyond being hooked on Tim's classes, is an employee and T!m expert at Ever After.  Chris loves working with T!m's products so much that she brought a friend to class:)
 Kelly and niece Kel-An (in background) also had a great time in class.  Way to go with those projects, all ROCK!
A good time was had by all AND this Frugal Scrapper Extraordinaire (that would be me) was humbled by all of the talent in this class.

I hope to see you all in the next Frugal Scrappin' class!


Lori, FSE:)

Sometimes a little rain is a GOOD thing!

I've learned to LOVE rainy days...since moving to SUNNY southern California, that is...even though when I left Philadelphia 5 1/2 years ago, I packed my scrappin' stuff for the trip (even before my clothes, lol)...I found that these SUNNY DAYS can put a "damper" on my crafting...

You see, in Philadelphia, if it's the weekend AND the weather is PERFECT (sunny and 70's) DO NOT spend your day INDOORS!  These days can be few and far between and you need to take advantage of the gorgeous weekend weather when you can get it...

Fast forward to 5+ years in SUNNY southern California...where that ole Pennsy mindset is still in my head...with a twist, of course...since ALMOST EVERY weekend in SUNNY southern California is sunny and 70's (well at least on the coast where I live).

THIS weekend, however, we have been graced by rain...lots of rain...(well lots in SUNNY southern California fashion, lol)...soooooo, what's a crafter to do?...Relish in the fact that paper craftin' is on the agenda for the day...whoo hoo!

My first project of the day, you ask?  Well, of course it's my Compendium of Curiosities #22 project, hosted by none other that the amazing Linda over at Studio L3.  We have been instructed to turn to page 52 in t!ms CCC book to make our project of the week.  I just have to say...I LOVE alcohol inks AND I LOVE this technique...Thanks, Linda for posting this awesome challenge!  Your project is AMAZING!

Here's my take on it:
 Since this IS a RAINY weekend, I thought this stamp from one of t!m's sets from Stamper's Anonymous was the perfect quote.  I also used my "rainy" mood when choosing colors for the technique.  I used the following colors on the background:
  • Eggplant
  • Sailboat Blue
  • Lettuce
  • Terra Cotta
  • Peach Bellini
After I used another one of t!m's stamps, I added some Icicles Stickles to give the illusion of rain.  It's usually hard to get a good photo of the glitter of stickles, but I think the pic below does a good job...It realy does look like raindrops:)

I decided to use some lighter colors on the background for the quote (partially because I wanted the quote to stand out, partially because I wanted to give the illusion that the skys were getting brighter.

The colors I used here were:
  • Peach Bellini
  • Shell Pink
  • Willow
  • Cloudy Blue
I had a BLAST creating this card, and just had to add a little lace I bought yesterday, and a few pearls to balance out the "grungy" side of things...The lace makes me think it's a window dressing and that you are looking outside at the rain.


Lori, FSE:)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Grand Finale:)

I'm so excited to FINALLY share the GRAND FINALE with all of you!  My 12 "Tags" of Christmas canvas is finally FINISHED!  Can you give me a WHOO HOO!

I just LOVE this project.  It has given me such JOY to work on this project...and what an AWESOME way to get into the HOLIDAY SPIRIT so early in the SEASON!  I started working on this project WAY BACK in August!  WOW!!!!  This has been a LONG TIME coming!

Here it is~~~

Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions about how any of the mini projects were completed.


Finish your canvas with the Frugal Scrapper:)

November is here, and Frugal Scrappin' is right around the corner...on November 18th, we will complete an awesome 3 month project.  Whoo hoo!  I can't wait to see all of the awesome student projects:)  We're up to 15 awesomely creative students now.  LIFE IS GOOD in this Frugal Scrapper's world...

I've finally had a chance to finish the last two "tags" that will complete our "12 Tags of Christmas" canvas I'm sure you've noticed that our "tags" are actually ATC sized individual projects, all using TH products/techniques.  This will make an AWESOME wall hanging, perfect for gift giving or home decorating just in time for the holiday season.

Here are the last "2" "tags".  The first tag is actually acting as the front of a "door" and is attached to a mini 2 1/2" by 3 1/2" canvas with hinges made using TH grunge paper.

The background is a combination of papers/techniques from a previous class so that we could utilize some of the left over paper and also give the project some flow between each tag.

I've covered the grunge paper with silver paint via a silver paint dabber.  While the paint was still wet, I pressed the hinge into some vintage photo distress powder.  I've found that the paint dabbers are a great substitute for embossing ink when trying to obtain a random grungy feel with the embossing powder.  I heat set the embossing powder and then went back over with a little more silver paint until I got the result I was looking for. 

Then I added a bit of silver stickles for some extra shine.  I repeated this same technique on the keyhole.  Both the hinge and the key hole are part of the TH alterations "hardware findings" from Sizzix.

When it came to the second "tag", I turned the mini canvas backwards so I could use it as a box of sorts. 

First I inked the wooden frame of the canvas with vintage photo distress ink.  I kept going over it until it got good and dark (kind of reminds me of the "old english" furniture polish).  Once the ink was dry, I painted over it with the silver paint dabber. 

I let the paint dry, then used a Tonic scratcher tool to scratch some of the silver paint back off, showing the vintage photo ink underneath the paint.  I love the vintage effect that was achieved. 

I then placed a piece of paper on the back of the canvas and using a paper piercer made a hole in the top of the frame.  I took some wire and wrapped it around a "key" (an old sizzix die that I treated using the same method as on the hardware findings). 

Using some fabri-tac glue, I pushed the top of the wire into the hole I had made so the key would hang inside the box.  To finish, I added a magnet so the "door" would stay closed.

I can't wait until our class when we will complete these last 2 "tags" and put the project together.  I'm now heading over to Ever After to add these last "tags" to the project.  I'll take a picture of the completed project and post it on the blog later today.

Now for the supply list for November's class:

Paper Trimmer
Distress ink tool
Adhesive (like a tape runner)
Silver stickles
Silver Paint Dabber
Vintgage Photo distress ink (walnut stain would also work)
Fabri-tac (or similar glue) you will need LOTS since this will also be used to put the project together
Vintage Photo distress embossing powder (walnut stain will also work)
Paper Piercer


Sunday, October 10, 2010

October & Frugal Scrappin'...what could be better?

I just can't believe it's October ALREADY!  Since we REALLY didn't have a summer here in Sunny Southern California this year, I'm still waitin' for that warm weather, lol...the GOOD NEWS is that our "summer" did allow for extra craftin' and creatin' time:)

I am FINALLY finished the 5 tags we will be workin' on in the October FRUGAL SCRAPPIN' class.  Whoo hoo!  Class will be held at Ever After Scrapbooks on Thursday, October 28th from 6:30-8:30 p.m.

This month's it's all about T!m's alcohol inks (well at least on 4 of the tags anyway).  I've had loads of FUN (and a little creative block, too) creatin' the October "tags" using alcohol inks in various ways.  Let's start with the supply list for October:

October Frugal Scrappin’ Supply List

• Paper Trimmer
• Scissors
• Distress Tool
• Ink Blending Tool and sponges
• Ink Blending Tool and Felt Pads
• Fabric Tac or similar liquid adhesive
• Tape runner or similar adhesive
• Small/large glue dots
• Heat gun
• Stickles in Icicle and Silver
• Distress Inks in Barn Door or Fired Brick AND Peeled Paint AND Walnut Stain or Vintage Photo
• Alcohol Inks in red pepper AND Lettuce
• Ranger Archival Ink in Jet Black

Now that that's out of the way, let's take a look at the "tags" one at a time:)


Lori M., FSE:)

Saturday, October 9, 2010

"Waterpainting" with Mr. T!m's Distress Inks

As promised, I'm back with a technique I use often.  I call it "water painting" with Mr. T!m's distress inks.  Since Autumn has arrived, I decided to "waterpaint" using some of my favorite Autumn inks.

Now for this technique, it is important to position your inks on your craft mat so that they portray the background your are trying to achieve.  Since I wanted to start by "painting" my sky and ground, I started with the Forest Moss and Tumbled Glass inks...I swished the inks across my craft mat in a kind of "S" fashion.

I know it's hard to tell in this picture, but I swished Tumbled Glass and right beneath, swished Forest Moss across my mat.  Then I spritzed with water using a mini mister water the inks down a bit.

Then I layed a plain white piece of cardstock over the ink.  I have found it's best to use a "non" textured cardstock for this type of project.

Then I dry the ink so when I layer more ink over it, it won't get "muddy".

I then took a "tree" stamp from my stash and just inked part of it since I only wanted the "trees on the edge of the project.  I used archival Sepia ink for these trees so that the trees would not be effected once I layered more distress ink "painting" on top of what I'd already done.

I repeated my "swishing" technique using Mustard Seed, Spiced Marmalade, and Rusty Hinge distress inks.  I added more water using a mini mister and just patted my paper on the ink. I then used one of T!m's decorative corner stamps and decorated the corners of the project using the Sepia archival ink again.  The cool thing about the archival ink is that once it's dry, it will NOT react to getting wet like the distress inks do.

I added another one of T!m's stamps to another piece of white cardstock (this time with black archival ink)and "painted" with more distress inks as seen below.  With this technique, I just randomly took the ink pads right to the paper, lightly tapping them until I got the effect I was looking for.  I used Tumbled Glass, Mustard Seed, and Spiced Marmalade.

Then viola...I added some subtle fibers and one of T!m's coins and I'm finished...

You can find T!m's distress inks here at  You can also find many of T!m's ideal-ology products here, also at  They also carry many of T!m's Stampers Anonymous stamps here.

I hope you enjoyed this short tutorial:) 

Feel free to share a link to your project using this technique via a comment to this post:)

Yours creatively,

Lori M., FSE:)