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For those of you who have been following my blog, THANK YOU, I'm still here and as FRUGAL as ever. I'm just expanding my blog title to further reflect my "altered" muse. I'm still the same (sometimes goofy) FRUGAL SCRAPPER that I've always been and will continue to focus on FRUGAL papercrafting projects:)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

O.k...I'm on a roll today:)

Third time's the CHARM, right?  Well I just have to report that I have a VERY CHARMING friend visiting with me today.  His name is Felix and he arrived last night via the US Post Office, all cozy in a bubble wrap package.  He's come fresh from Kenai, Alaska where he had a BLAST going to school and 4 wheelin' in two feet of snow!  Sorry, Felix, no snow here:(

Felix wanted to pack his swimsuit for the usual sunny southern California weather, but alas, he needs a raincoat today:)

Felix is traveling aroung the US, journaling his travels as part of a project that my nephew, Blake is participating in.  Blake has been out to visit me from Pennsylvania many times, so I'm sure he knows how much fun Felix will have while he is visiting.

Since I'm working on blogging and creating on this rare rainy day, I thought I'd have Felix help me out.  He even made his way into one of my pictures.

I'll try REALLY HARD to NOT get glitter all over Felix's paws, o.k. Blake?  I'm looking forward to having lots of fun with Felix while he's visiting.  I'm sure you'll see him again soon?)


Lori, FSE:)

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