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For those of you who have been following my blog, THANK YOU, I'm still here and as FRUGAL as ever. I'm just expanding my blog title to further reflect my "altered" muse. I'm still the same (sometimes goofy) FRUGAL SCRAPPER that I've always been and will continue to focus on FRUGAL papercrafting projects:)

Thursday, October 9, 2008

TNT DINE-O-MITE Recipe Layout Challenge

O.K fellow scrappers, get ready to have a BLAST!!! I have added a new link to my blog (see TNT DINE-O-MITE Recipes). I have created these recipes to share with anyone who is interested in "just the facts".

I do want to go over a few "administrative" things:

1. For this TNT DINE-O-MITE Recipe, I saved a Power Point file as a jpeg. While you may not be able to read the screen when opening the link, if you print the file, it is fine. If it doesn't work for you, Oops.....I promise to figure out a better way by next month...consider this a "test", so see how close I have come to my target:)
2. This challenge is FOR ALL! Print it, copy it, share it, toss it, do whatever you want. Just make sure you had a BLAST with it, lol.

TNT (tips 'n techniques) DINE-O-MITE Recipes are instructions designed to get your creative juices flowing.

Consider them the opposite of a sketch challenge where you have a sketch (and I DO LOVE a good sketch challenge) to follow, but no written instructions.

TNT DINE-O-MITE Recipes are layout instructions without the sketch. That's right get Recipe Rules, Ingredient list, and Mixing Instructions...the rest is up to you.

I plan to make a new recipe available each month. Once the month is over, I will post my "vision" of what I "saw" when I read the other words, I will post my version of how I followed the instructions and completed my DINE-O-MITE Recipe.

Please feel free to post your comments and links to your "vision" of the DINE-O-MITE Recipe!

Invite your friends to join in on the fun!!! Don't forget to have a BLAST!

Happy Scrappin'

Lori McCausland
The Frugal Scrapper


Gloria Stengel said...

I love this idea and your twist on it Lori. Can't wait to play!

Robin said...

For the instructions- may I make a suggestion?

Type them up in Word, then save them as a PDF file. To do this you go to "Print." Then on the print window there is a little box on the right side that says "Print to file." Check that off and then click OK. It will bring up a screen that is like a save screen. Choose where you want to save it and give it a name ending in ".pdf" (ex: "TNT.pdf"). Then under file type choose "All files." Then click OK.

You should be able to upload the PDF onto photobucket and link it to your blog as usual. And we'll be able to read it on the screen and print!

Frugal Scrapper said...

Thanks, ladies!

Robin said...

So- are we going to get to see your take on the challenge??
I have one to post- but it is not exact- it kind of took off after the 10x10 and 5x8 with a mind of it's own!

Robin said...

Here is my take- It is a pretty liberal interpretation- but I love it!

Gloria Stengel said...

Here is's called TNT.